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Did your daily hunt for most effective classroom practices get you here today?

Does your heart for learning keep you up wanting to help ALL of your students thrive?

Are you curious to learn why those evidence-based methods don't seem to fit YOUR students?

Do you want to better understand how students learn?

Does all the jargon want to make you scream? 


Welcome home, education lover.

You've found yourself a place to pause and connect.

And well, while you're here, maybe even scream together?

(It might actually help! Did you try it?)

What's here waiting for you?

On this website you'll read all about self-regulated learning. What?! Oh yes: self-regulated learning.

Say hi to the most central piece of jargon on this website! You may not have heard of it yet. And still… it's at the very heart of learning and teaching. (You kind of get our brand name now, don't you?)


You may not know the concept, but you definitely see it everyday at school (+ link) and at home.

Your students aren't the only ones self-regulating their thoughts, feelings and behaviours throughout the day. We are too! The better we get at self-regulating our learning and teaching, the better we'll be able to support our students in doing the same.

Starting to feel a bit nervous? Let us reassure you right away… we don't have to be perfect at it! I am sure I'm not. In fact, we can't be perfect at it.


Self-regulated learning is a continuous process, not a road to perfection!


Research evidence is pretty clear though: it's a worthwhile process. Especially if you want your students to be more motivated and perform at their best. Who doesn't want that? Ready to get the process started?

P.s. Let's make the jargon even more complex. Whenever you come across the acronym SRL, we're referring to self-regulated learning. Let's make you a promise. We'll just stick to this one acronym (that and p.s. of course).



Can't wait to find out what self-regulated learning is?


We help you get started by sharing the basics. 

  • What is SRL?

  • Why should I care?

  • How do I support it?



Already have some knowledge and experience and now really want to get the entire picture? Want to get to the essence right away and immediately read that what's important to you as a teacher or school leader?

Then our book is what you need! We've summarized the science behind SRL and combined it with many examples, exercises and reflection starters. 



Meet the SRL collective!


There is so much to share and learn about SRL! You'd be amazed by the number of researchers that are spending their entire careers on the topic.


It's the SRL collective's aim to make all that research available and practical for you. Check out our blog and reach out to us!


We're here for you!

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