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Are you dreaming of empowering your students to master their own learning journey?


Imagine students who not only excel academically but also understand the strategies behind their success, reigniting their passion for learning.

Welcome, education lover – you've found your community here.

I share your dream and look forward to making it come true together.


Turning Dreams into Reality


Dreaming is just the beginning. With a foundation built on rich scientific insights into self-regulated learning and a hands-on approach, I'm here to guide you and your students through a transformative journey. Step by step, we empower you with the essential skills and knowledge to help your students:


  • Master effective learning techniques

  • Achieve outstanding performance

  • Take the reins of their learning journey

  • Reignite their belief in their own potential to learn


Eager to dive deeper? Explore our resources and start the journey today!

Thank you for the enlightening and clear sessions. Your willingness to dive deep into everyday educational challenges as an expert is truly invaluable.

Reflecting on my progress over the last two months fills me with incredible pride. I've expanded my knowledge and managed to convey it to my colleagues in an understandable way—something I hadn't imagined possible until recently.

Jeltsen is exceptionally inspiring and has significantly contributed to my growth this past year. Initially, I struggled with the concept of 'self-regulated learning,' confusing it with 'self-discovery.' However, through her book, I've come to grasp the essence of self-regulated learning, seamlessly integrating it into my lessons. The book is wonderfully written—practical and concrete, providing tools to enhance student learning outcomes. Her newsletter is consistently inspiring as well.

Jeltsen is a gifted speaker whose passion for self-regulated learning and bridging the gap between science and practice is contagious. I was engaged and inspired throughout the entire training series.

She goes all the way helping you apply theory to your everyday classroom challenges.

How Can I Help?


Self-regulated learning stands out as one of the most effective strategies to enhance student performance (learn more about it here). It’s increasingly being prioritized in educational policies.


But the question arises - where do you begin?


Are you in search of a partner or coach to guide you on your journey towards mastering self-regulated learning?

That’s precisely the role I aim to fulfill for you!

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