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How can I help?

Are you looking for evidence-based ways to help your students learn better
You've come to the right place. 

I'm very busy creating my very best offer(s) for you. I'll soon be adding details. Interested in one or more? Add yourself to the waiting list(s) and be the first to know when you can register! 



30-minute consultation

Have a question? Trying to integrate self-regulated learning into your classroom activities? Want some feedback on your plans or materials?

I'd love to help. That's why I'll block 2 hours each week for 30-minute online consultation blocks.

The good news: I won't charge you for your first consultation! That's my gift to you for helping me reach my mission: helping all learners worldwide master their learning like rock stars. 


What is self-regulated learning?

In this self-paced online course you'll be introduced to the 'what' and 'why' of self-regulated learning. It's a a beautiful blend between theory and practical examples. 

You'll discover the 21 self-regulated learning skills as described by the Zimmerman model. Ever wondered why such a theoretical model would benefit your classroom practice? Here's where you'll find your answer. 

Image by Nick Morrison
Image by Nick Morrison


How can I teach and support self-regulated learning?

Each and every learner has the capacity to develop self-regulated learning (SRL) skills. It just doesn't develop automatically. Teachers are crucial. Teachers already do A LOT to support their students' learning.

In this online self-paced course you'll get the insights and tools to boost that gut feeling of yours. If we want ALL of our students to thrive, we have to learn what 3 decades of researching self-regulated learning has to say. After this course, you'll be able to make informed decisions about the kind of support that is likely to have the biggest impact on YOUR students.


How can we implement self-regulated learning in our school or program?

This is the place for both you and me to SHINE. In this online group coaching program, we’ll have the time and space that is needed to do things right. Research shows self-regulated learning is totally worth your time. Then again, time is precious.


A sustainable implementation of self-regulated learning into your program or school takes time and focus. In this program, I will train and coach a core team from your school together with a couple of other schools. 

For at least one year, we'll have monthly meetings and I'll be available for any questions you have along the way. 

Image by Chris Montgomery

I know group coaching isn't yet a big thing in education. Maybe with students, but not yet with teachers. 


Still, every time was part of a group coaching trajectory, it blew my mind. Every time! Besides access to formal experts, you'll learn so much from watching your peers learn, ask questions, and come up with solutions. 

This is the real deal!

Image by Ben Duchac


Join us in Athens (November 2024) if you're looking for new ways to help your students learn better and are curious to know how AI can help you with that.

Together with Doukas School, we've put together an exciting program. Please, pre-register if you're considering joining us in November! In case of sufficient interest, we'll send out an official registration form.

Click the button below to find out more about the training!


One-week international training

This had to be on my list of services!

I just love Erasmus+ courses! There's nothing better than leaving your private and professional life at home for an entire week to spend time with some soon-to-be-friends-for-life from all over Europe. 

How often do you get an entire week to dive into one topic and engage in some in-depth learning

Already apply for your Key Action 1 Erasmus+ funding, and you may get the funding to come and join me!


Keynotes and workshops

People tell me my passion for self-regulated learning is contagious. That's why I also offer live key notes and workshops at your school (or online). 

My passion for my family is even bigger, though :-). That's why I only have a limited number of spots available for live trainings. First come, first serve.

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