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Our approach

When you start searching for information about self-regulated learning, you are most likely confronted with many different theories, frameworks, and terminology. Below you can find a bit more on our approach.

The science behind this blog

The knowledge we share comes from the research on 'self-regulated learning'. It is a huge research field that has its own models. The most famous and practice-friendly model is that of Barry Zimmerman. It will be our central model. We'll stay close to the terminology of this particular model in order to avoid confusion. 

The Zimmerman model

We are writing a book that summarizes the scientific knowledge teachers need in order to become more effective at supporting their students' self-regulated learning skills. The book will provide a framework to structure the content of our blog. While we wait for the book to be published, we will refer to the tMAIL app for anyone who would already want to learn the basics about self-regulated learning and how to support it.

The tMAIL app is a mobile application for teachers. It contains a training on self-regulated learning. It is completely built around the Zimmerman model and explains the basics. It's very accessible, available in multiple languages, and... completely for free! The tips and tricks are most suitable for primary education, but the theory remains the same no matter the age of your students.


The app is the result of an Erasmus+ funded project and the collaboration of 9 European partners. More information here! (Oh yes... it's also the project that brought Julia and Jeltsen together for the first time.)

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