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How Vennebos Embraces Self-Regulated Learning: Visiting a School That Makes Us Dream

In this blog series, school leader Christine Claessens shares her experiences implementing self-regulated learning at GO! Vennebos Primary School. She takes you along on her journey. Christine leads her team (and now you) on an international school visit. You might have already read about why Vennebos chose self-regulated learning and how it's gradually introduced in their school. Following their visits to 4 primary schools of the Staij school group, the entire team immerses themselves in the workings of the Casimir School in Gouda.

On the Train to Gouda

I must admit, I'm a bit nervous. This school was the direct reason for our job shadowing trip to the Netherlands. Will my team find it as inspiring as I did?

A Warm Welcome

Upon arrival, we received a very warm welcome. Ineke Vermeulen, a pedagogy teacher and teacher-researcher at Thomas More University, first gave the team an overview of the Casimir School's methods and vision.

Immersing in Practice...

My teachers then joined their Dutch colleagues, spending the morning in the corresponding class of their own grade.

... And in Applied Research

The accompanying school leaders, my care coordinator Filip (whom we've now inspiredly named quality coordinator), and I learned about the school's research into how their teachers provide explicit direct instruction.

The expertise of several teachers is used to shape and implement this research within the school. It's a process they're actively developing. It goes without saying that we were on the edge of our seats, realizing how indispensable explicit direct instruction of self-regulated learning skills is.

Tour Guided By Students

After a lunch with delicious soup, the students of the Casimir School led us around. Even though I had this privilege before, I was once again amazed.

Nine-year-old Oliver effortlessly explained how the brain functions when it comes to learning. "When you do something, a pathway is formed, a connection in your brain. The more you do it, the stronger the connection becomes."

I was even more impressed when he explained how the learning pit works!

It's clear: this school strongly focuses on mindset, which is why these students excel in self-regulated learning. They meticulously keep a portfolio they're all very proud of, containing not only curriculum goals but also personal and teamwork goals.

And What About My Team?

From the conversations (from breakfast to dinner), it was evident there was a lot of sharing. I saw many seeds being planted. If we cultivate these well together, I expect a bountiful harvest and plentiful fruits.

Team Basisschool Vennebos op schoolbezoek in Gouda verdiepend in zelfregulerend leren

I witnessed immense enthusiasm, and everyone agreed it was a very enjoyable, informative trip. It's astounding how inspiring school visits can be. Ideas emerge spontaneously.

The upcoming weeks will undoubtedly be fascinating as these ideas and inspirations take solid shape.

Next time, some of my teachers will share their experiences.

Will you join us in reading?

See you soon.



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