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The Self-Regulated Learning

Building a bridge between research and practice

Our Mission

Our Collective

The Self-Regulated Learning Collective is a group of current and former researchers with a heart for both educational science and classroom practice. We are committed to empowering teachers and teacher trainers by giving them easy access to all the research out there.

Self-regulated learning is one of the most effective and scientifically underpinned ways of boosting student performance and motivation. However, the abundance of research evidence often leaves teachers overwhelmed: Where to find information? How to develop a deep understanding while still seeing the bigger picture?


The members of our collective are grateful they had the chance to study the topic of self-regulated learning. Now, it's time to give back. It's time to share our insights for the benefit of teachers, and ultimately, their students!

Our mission is to make the support of self-regulated learning more practicable for teachers, teacher educators and trainers. We want to make the many available research findings accessible and actionable in the classroom and home. 
Our aim is to make learning easier, more effective and fun for everybody.
And all that based on decades of research. Who doesn't want that!

Meet Our Team

We just kick-started our collective. How exciting is that? We will build this platform bit by bit and then start to grow this collective. Feel called to join us already? Please reach out to us and let's have a chat!

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